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Ashland is proud to announce the purchase of one of the finest privately owned multi-million dollar watch collections ever assembled.

We will be offering for private sale some of the greatest watches to surface in the last 25 years. These watches will be offered over the next 3 years starting in February of 2016

All of these extraordinary watches and gold boxes will be offered private thru future catalog sales and internet sales only.

Watches of this caliber are generally only offered by major auction houses where you are bidding against millionaires and pay top prices. Very rarely will you have the opportunity to acquire watches of this magnitude in a private sale. This being said, know that you will never have an occasion to acquire any of these watches again. You do NOT want to miss out on this once in a life time opportunity. 

If you would like to be kept informed of each "Deposit" into the Vault Collection, please provide us with your Email Address. 

Collection of the smallest watches ever made and including an 18K 1/4 –Hour Repeater Moon Phase Calendar measuring 10mm across * Jaques Houriet Tourbillion (first one ever made) * Patek Philippe 2499 Series IV Wristwatch with Telemeter Dial (1 of 2 Known to Exist) * Patek Philippe Minute Repeaters * 16th Century Ivory Watch (1 of 3 Made by order of Queen Anne) * 18K Bovet Chinese Enamled Timepieces * Russian Box Wood Watches * Various Art Nouveau Enamel Ladies Lapel Watches * Uhren Fabrik Union “German” Minute Perpetual Chronograph  Carillon Hunter Case * Albert Potter Chronometer with Box and Signed Papers * Charles Frodsham Minute Perpetual Chronograph with Center Register * 16th & 17th Century Moon Phase Pocket Watches * Various Minute Perpetual Pocket Watches Open Faces & Hunter Cases * Fully Enameled Minute Perpetual Pocket Watches * 18K Rolex Moon Phase Wristwatch * John Claude Kiley Rolex Steel Wristwatch * Gold 8 Cam bird boxes with enamel cases * Platinum 50th Anniversary Gruen Pocket Watch with Box * Patek Philippe Ladies enamel Lapel Watches * Various Oignon Series Pocket Watches * 18K Minute Repeater Tiffany Wristwatch * Massive 18K 8-Day Minute Perpetual Hunter Case Pocket Watches * Various Breguet Repeaters, Subscriptions, Self-Winding and Moon Phase Pocket Watches * Dozens of Exceptional Enamel Fusees * Fine Estate Jewelry