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LOT #1 Running Wrist Watch lot: Ten piece lot, including six gent's (mostly round) styles and four ladies. Brands comparable to Bulova, Benrus, Elgin and miscellaneous Swiss. Ygold-filled and steel, Circa 1930-1965. All mechanical. super mix. Great for resale! $195.00

LOT #2 Five Hunters Case Pocket Watches: Great lot. Three lady's and two gent's, all running. Nice gold-filled or silver cases. Circa 1890-1920s. $525 .00

LOT #3 Five Men's Open Faces: Engraved and plain cases, 7-15 jewels, excellent to near mint. 12s to 18s, running and ready to sell! $350.00

LOT #4 Silverode Case Lot: Ten-piece pocket watch lot consisting of 12, 16, and 18s silverode cases. This assortment includes a super variety of styles, and these cases are in nice shape. Many are complete (Some without stems or bows.) All usable for that extra movement. 10 pieces for only. $125.00

LOT #5 Five Rectangular Men's Gold-Filled Wrist Watches: Popular deco styles, mint cases, superb dials, professionally restored, and fitted with new leather straps! $425.00

LOT #6 250 Plus Wristwatch Plastic Crystals:  This is an assortment of a little over 250 plastic crystals for vintage wristwatches. Many different sizes and shapes, it includes round waterproof crystals with pressure ring, which are much demanded. Crystal Lot#15 ***Please note that the photo shown is a generic photo, you will be receiving a variety of crystals, not the exact combination of crystals that is shown in the photo, but very close.  $30.00

LOT #7 Unused Super-hero Character Wrist Watches: New-old stock warehouse find. Circa 1970s. D.C. Comics. Limited quantities. Two piece lot. Wonder woman with blue/white/red dial. Robin Boy Wonder with yellow/black/red dial.31mm, steel back cases, manual movement, mint! $260.00

LOT #8 Complete Wrist Watch Movements: All ladies' sizes and types, runners and non-runners. 50 for $175.00 - 100 for $295.00 - 500 for $695.00

LOT #9 Watch Keys!! Set of watch keys from 0 Size to 12 Size assortment. 25 pieces. $74.50

LOT #10 Ten Men's Watch Chains: All gold-filled, medium to heavy link in a variety of sizes and styles. 8" to 15" with swivel and swing ring or "T"-bar. $135.00

LOT #11 Supreme Lot of Chains: Ten men's watch chains all gold filled with medium to heavy links. All with beautiful charms attached. 1 miniature knife, 2 Sardonyx cameos, and 7 other great charms. 8" to 15" with swivel and swing ring or "T"-bar. $210.00

LOT #12 Dealer or Investor Starter Group: Lot contains 15 pocket watches total as described; three ladies' gold-filled hunter cases, 7-15 jewels, 0s-6s; three men's hunting cases, 7-15 jewels; 12s-18s; three men's open face key winds; three men's open face, 7-15 jewels; three American railroad watches, 16s-18s, 2-21 jewels, and one 19 jewel movement. Cases are excellent to mint and dials are fine to superb. Running and ready to sell. Bonus - five (5) watch chains free with order of this lot! $1,850.00

LOT #13 Wholesale Pocket Watch Lot: Super assortment of antique pocket watches, circa 1890-1930, open face cases, 6s-18s. This mixed lot (50% U.S. / 50% Swiss) needs repair and is a terrific value. In restored condition these watches will have a resale value of $75.00 to $100.00 per piece. Ten (10) piece lot! $195.00

LOT #14 Five Open Face American Railroad Pocket Watches: Included are Waltham, Elgin, and others. Lot contains 4-21 jewel and 1-19 jewel timepieces. All dials are very fine to superb. Cases are excellent to mint. Running and ready to sell! $1150.00

LOT #15 Grab Bag Lot! Cigar box filled with 100's of parts, partial movements, dials and cases. All watch related and well worth the money!  Note this lot is sold as it is, and is not returnable. $37.50

LOT #16 Dealer's Wrist Watch Lot: A dozen easy to sell vintage watches in all. Three men's round runners and two ladies' steel or Ygold-filled cases, two 14K gold gent's watches, near mint and nice brand names, three ladies 14K gold antique pieces with pretty cases in mint condition, and finally two great vintage gent's rectangle watches in gold-filled cases, nicely restored. Twelve piece, all running and ready to go. $850.00

Lot #17 Wristwatch Lot! A super mix of complete, non-running gents and ladies wristwatches. Nice "As is" lot. A super assortment! 50 pieces - $175.00 100 pieces - $300.00

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